Sarah and Dave
April 21, 2014
You have enriched our lives in countless ways over the years. Please take this opportunity to share your words of wisdom, memories or anecdotes. 

Note: if you decide to share a story of an embarassing nature, we will retaliate in kind! 

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August 22, 2013
..".What an Amazing, Beautiful, Couple". ..(words of wisdom ?? ... are you kidding??) ... You are Both - Our Teachers ! ... I love you.
Liz /Ian P
August 14, 2013
Hi Dave and Sarah, Congratulations, so sorry to be late replying (some of us don't read our magnets very well :( Thanks so much for asking us & sorry we won't get to the Hawaii.
Trust you'll have a 'spine-ting(k)ling time' tho' preferably not at a hockey match and out of a pusher. So glad you tinkle the ivories so well Dave & we'll look forward to seeing you in 2014 after the event - but actually hope to see you both a bit sooner and in 2013 anyway:)
Lots of love, God bless, apologies again for tardiness, love your website which = brilliant & see you soon we hope. oxox