Sarah and Dave
April 21, 2014
Getting To Hawaii
The Journey is the Destination
Anyone who knows us, knows that our favourite pastime is exploring new and exciting places. So what better way to start our lives together than a holiday with all of people we hold dear?

For those of you who need a little assistance with your planning, use this page for helpful hints of getting the most out of your holiday. 

Getting There
The internet is your friend.  

Here are some site we use to find cheap flights:
Your destination:  Honolulu!  (HNL)

Arrival date:          Before the 21st of April
Departure date:     After the 22nd of April

We land Friday the 11th, and plan to stick around on Oahu until the 23rd.  From there we fly to Maui until the 27th, then the big island until the 1st of June.  Please note that Mesa and Go! Airlines have announced they are shutting down operations effective 1st April.  Hawaiian Airlines are now the only operator for internal hops, although you may be able to arrange additional legs through the airline that you are using to get to Hawaii.

You're more than welcome to join us for the island hopping, contact us for details!
Time Zone
Hawaii Standard Time (GMT-10 hours), 5 hours behind the US East Coast.  It's 18 hours behind Perth, across the international date-line if you're flying east.

Americans - you are good. In case you didn't know, Hawaii is part of the US. 

Aussies, make sure you have a passport.  Start early!
  1. Take this quiz to see if you require a visa.
    If you don't need a visa - yay!
  2. If you do need a visa, go to this website and follow the instructions:
From the United Kingdom you will also need a passport, but the US has a visa waiver program.  You just need to register online a few days before travelling.  See here for more information.

  1. Don't eat yellow snow.
  2. Don't settle for your first flight search.
    Try doing your search at different times of the day and different days of the week (think petrol/gas prices).
  3. Book as early as possible if you hope to use frequent flyer miles for your flight.
  4. If you can be flexible with your travel dates you will have better luck getting a good deal.  Weekends are generally more expensive.
  5. Read the fine print!  
    Weigh up the benefit of cost savings, versus the number of stops and transfers.
  6. Make sure you leave enough time to transfer between flights. To be safe, give yourself at least 3 hours if you need to clear customs and immigration at an airport. 

About Oahu
Sunny and beautiful, with a chance of meatballs!

Max Daytime Temperature 27°C (81°F) Max Daytime Temperature in April in Hawaii (Honolulu, Oahu)   27°C (81°F) in April
Min Night-time Temperature 19°C (66°F) Min Night-time Temperature in April in Hawaii (Honolulu, Oahu)     19°C (66°F) in April 

Minimal humidity and low chance of rain. 

US dollars - most credit cards are accepted along with travellers cheques.  The Aussie dollar is currently headed downwards.  So if you have a foreign currency cash card, like those at, consider transferring some funds now - time your exchanges wisely!

Things to do 
Attend wedding  √
Shake it like a polaroid picture   √
Have the time of your life   √
Make some memories   √

But if you require some more inspiration... 
Learn to surf, snorkel, scuba dive, hike, go to a luau, have an umbrella drink by the ocean and catch up your reading list.

Getting Around 
You can rent a car at Honolulu airport to explore the island. Other options include tour buses, shuttles, trolleys, taxis or city buses.

  (and we don't mean cows)
US standards are 15-20% on meals, at least $1 per bag for porters, and at least $1 per night for housekeeping.