Sarah and Dave
April 21, 2014
The Americas here we come!
We are beginning our journey as a married couple by donning our packs and trekking through the Americas. 

After the wedding, we will island hop a little and spend a few days on each of Maui and the big island (Hawaii) to experience some volacanoes and R&R.  Then, we fly to Quito, Ecuador to start on the big adventure - first leg, a tour out to the Galapagos.

We spend a week exploring the islands and amazing wildlife, before skipping back through Quito and Lima on the way to a couple of days in the Amazon jungle.

After that, we head to Cuzco and then the Sacred Valley as our gateway point to start on a four day trek following the Inca trail to Machu Picchu.

Once we return to Cuzco, we visit Lake Titicaca, and take a breather in La Paz, Bolivia for a few days before the next leg.

Central America
The journey so far will take us through to the end of May, at which point we fly up to San Salvador for a few days of self-directed exploring, before joining a tour group in Antigua for a few weeks tour through Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica.
Antigua to San Jose

Colorado to Ohio
The first big road trip
We finish in San Jose towards the end of June, and then fly up to Colorado to explore for a week or so.  Sarah has dropped some not so subtle hints about checking out some chalets around Grand Lake as a potential future holiday home/investment!  

After that, we embark on a road trip to get us up to Ohio for a big family reunion in mid July.  We haven't planned the route yet, but stops may include Yellowstone, Tennesee - and towards the end we expect to get across as far as Virginia. 

Los Angeles to Vancouver
Road trip number two
For our final leg, we fly to LA at the end of July, and take Highway 1 and 101 for a leisurely trip north to Canada.  We're looking forward to seeing the Joshua Tree, redwood forests, Oregon microbreweries, and all the amazing coastal scenery associated with this road trip.

We will be flying back to Perth from Vancouver in mid August..  And then start the next chapter!