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Heading home down Doobydooby Street Got me a villa full of people cooking something to eat Open the gate say “Hi!” to Chris – been on the roof half the day And Lucie’s under windows playing lovely serenades Julie’s cassoulet or Friedie’s kasspatzle Maybe Thibaut’s macaroni and cheese? But tonight it’s mackerel Carlo caught in Galway Bay He slapped them… Read more →

Hometown Girl

coastal chill is the theme song for this fille not fussed – late, even for her birthday cake one of the boys at the footy she makes a noise shouts green, white, red and purple till her voice breaks so you can see that she’ll always be a hometown girl always cherry ripe for the antipodean way where would you… Read more →


something tells me, or maybe it’s my head been holding on the rails too damned tight once in a while you’ve got to chance it to the wind trust everything will be alright you’ve got ahead.. but citicide has got your nature down listened to what you said think maybe i won’t come around ‘cause i’m underwired can’t take your… Read more →


when you least expect it takes you from the side that sucker punch that leaves your senses reeling but pleasantly surprised the sweet taste of a stolen kiss the hint of more you know you’re going to miss but when you’re lost at sea don’t know where you’ll be .. suddenly other side of the world doesn’t seem so far… Read more →

Cruise Control

rising up caffeine breakfast cup grind it through the working day – more pay to blow on getting blown away again the 9 to 5 stretches into 9 till 9 another microwave meal can’t fill the hole that i feel but every night it’s just the same unfocused stare i can’t see what’s showing on the tv when i’m a… Read more →


met a girl, read the future in my palm felt a stir as she held my hand, read between the lines did you see that this might start something? kissed a girl, who saw the future in my palm the softest lips – her smile… a hint of mischief in her eye well did you see that this might start… Read more →


an angel dressed in white stands with poise, smile a tender light the murmurs start to grow she’s fairly skipping down the aisle in joyous flight and her heart won’t slow there stands her shining knight turns his head, awestruck by the sight seeds of love were sown they’ve been waiting for this day their whole lives and now they… Read more →

Trip Out

pusher calls up through a squawk box… tells me he’s got me lined up for the trip tank i’ve him to thank. Kelly’s down but 3 joints later, 90 feet high like four weeks away from home watch fluid level drop lose too much but I’ll get by isolated yet not alone call you; before the trip tank overflows don’t… Read more →