Month: January 1996

My New Shoes

Autumn leaves will fall and drift away Leave behind their place of youth Lonely tree is left with bark of grey Hibernating life in truth We see this world through a mono-focal lens Locked in the same tired old routine Why not this time look through the arched window Maybe we’ll find my new shoes Autumn leaf is swept by… Read more →

Ode to My Refrigerator

We used to be so good together Had a relationship that would last forever I supplied the power, you gave me cool drinks But now it’s going down the tube I remember the days when I loved to use you You were frigid and cold, you’re getting warmer It was those hot summer nights you showed your value But now… Read more →


You’re like a flower that will not open its petals For fear your beauty will cause you to be picked What garden do you tend to? What type of flower grows in there? Fall away from me, you fall away from everyone Sandpaper tissues desensitise your nose Ever scent offends you, why don’t you breathe through your mouth? What rose… Read more →