Heading home down Doobydooby Street
Got me a villa full of people cooking something to eat
Open the gate say “Hi!” to Chris – been on the roof half the day
And Lucie’s under windows playing lovely serenades

Julie’s cassoulet or Friedie’s kasspatzle
Maybe Thibaut’s macaroni and cheese?
But tonight it’s mackerel Carlo caught in Galway Bay
He slapped them on a plate but one had something to say:

“I’m not a mackerel, I’m a toxic tuna
Better not eat me ’cause I don’t taste too good undressed
I’m not a mackerel, and penguins will fly sooner
than Chris can cook an edible garnish that goes nicely up my bum”

Emma’s had one too many to drink
And she says “come here and give us a lick!”
But Dave’s cleaning his sheets and
Thibaut’s chasing Sofia – he likes her just a little bit…

It’s a culinary disaster
But the family really doesn’t mind
Because the Tuborg’s flowing in Bavaria
And SuperMacs.. are delivering at 9

words & music:
D. Allen-Williams 2006

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