Month: January 1998

Lament of the Garden Gnome

Sometimes I want it all to end The gloves are off I’ve had enough The dog’s my only friend… But he’s no good ’cause he pisses on my head Forever fear the moment that he raises his hind leg And lets fly with that acrid smelling stench his bladder vents One more unwanted shower and the dirty bugger’s dead I… Read more →

Steel Poppy

Forced in-two twisted land Try to break, slide from what’s the common strain They find it new ignore the talent, beauty, art Can not recognise what’s not seen, heard of to compare They will not can’t cut you down No matter how hard Don’t let them cut you down Child of dew, needless shame Will not show her hand, inside… Read more →

Baked Beans

I’ve been so lonesome baby, since you left me behind Was it something I said or, maybe, was I unkind? Why did you decide to go away? We’ve had our differences but I wish you would stay Baked beans can leave you smelling Something less than divine You or beans was the ultimatum but I choose baked beans – baked… Read more →


sometimes it seems too hard i’m breaking bricks but my forehead’s getting scarred is it all for nothing? have i done it wrong? sometimes you feel so warm but then you’re distant am i looking at the norm? i don’t know if i’m strong enough let me fall into you like you’ve fallen into me there’s an endless ocean but… Read more →