Steel Poppy

Forced in-two twisted land
Try to break, slide from what’s the common strain
They find it new ignore the talent, beauty, art
Can not recognise what’s not seen, heard of to compare

They will not can’t cut you down
No matter how hard
Don’t let them cut you down

Child of dew, needless shame
Will not show her hand, inside blue-blooded heart

I saw a fountain one day
Drank from the waters of a cleaner sculpted one
But I’d passed by the fountain of youth

A seedling grows up too fast
Learns to survive quickly, quicksilver escape
Relies on self will not look for support
Know it’s there, fear of burn prevents the search

And when the beast of life may seem unkind
Remember that it’s there to be ridden
They’ll push you down but the roller coaster will bring you to the top
You may bend but you will never break

You will not fall.

words & music:
D. Allen-Williams 1993

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