Month: January 1993

From The Ashes…

small whisper of a distant wind new beginning before i’ve even reached the end scent the rumoured sight of a greener view wall of hardened stone stifles a tuneless song i know nothing of this world i know nothing of what i need to be i am a child before you the siren’s call familiar place safety of routine hard… Read more →


it’s 7.00 am in london waiting my turn in the queue collect the dole just to get some food self-esteem is not an option i can pursue it’s 7.00 am different morning most others would still be in bed wake up and smell those roses might notice the manure smells like shit i get this feeling chills my spine knocks… Read more →


this day finds me further in retreat can’t hold my sanity much longer want to breathe, taste something evidence by love i was once kissed lie each hour in my sheltered cocoon numbness my cotton wool curse want to hold on, feel something evidence of something in my fist hide your face, save me from this shame artificial pulse getting… Read more →

Space Cadet

Sometimes I think that you’re not listening to me Sometimes I know you just can’t see what’s around you You’re in your own world now Didn’t add much to this one anyway Astral travelling, You go astral travelling Sometimes you ask these mundane questions Answer yourself if you’d thought it through But that would require effort Much rather play the… Read more →