this day finds me further in retreat
can’t hold my sanity much longer
want to breathe, taste something
evidence by love i was once kissed

lie each hour in my sheltered cocoon
numbness my cotton wool curse
want to hold on, feel something
evidence of something in my fist

hide your face, save me from this shame
artificial pulse getting tired of the game
turn around, walk away
help me – i no longer want to play

no fear of falling – don’t think i’d feel the jolt
i’d dream of calling – but profanities always fall on deaf ears
want to speak, say something
evidence opinion still persists

my thought processes are slowing
this decaying husk they call a mind
want to reason, think something
evidence part of me resists

think of ending, weariness, my time is done
walk toward unknown – brightness soothes i feel the sun
won’t you reach out end this suffering
evidence humanity exists

words & music:
D. Allen-Williams 1993

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