Month: January 1995


don’t know where i’m going not sure where i am just know where i was yesterday and when i drift in this world without direction these are not days of discontent so you couldn’t say i’m lost i have a destination looking has not found it yet don’t know what i search for not sure what i own just know… Read more →

Chocolate Bandaid

I am a part-time glassy at the hippie club Only work a couple of nights but it pays the bills Chocolate bandaid is covering my open sore It doesn’t pain me like it did when it was raw What can I say to make it easy to ignore Just can’t wait for the doctor to take it off I am… Read more →

Fred Asparagus

There’s a man way out west They call him Fred Asparagus Pouring drinks, he’s the best My bartender – Asparagus He stares at me with those Mexican eyes What will it be he asks with a tired old sigh Give me a tequila with a slice of lemon and a pinch of salt, And I will be right for the… Read more →

Until Next Time

It’s very nice of you to drop in unexpectedly You should’ve called, my hair’s a mess and the house isn’t nearly clean I’ll see you, let me see you I’ll see you to the door Can’t say I’m disappointed, sense of relief now that you’ve gone Can’t say that I enjoyed it, I’m happy now you’ve gone Yes I realise… Read more →