Chocolate Bandaid

I am a part-time glassy at the hippie club
Only work a couple of nights but it pays the bills

Chocolate bandaid is covering my open sore
It doesn’t pain me like it did when it was raw
What can I say to make it easy to ignore
Just can’t wait for the doctor to take it off

I am a part-time glassie at the hippie club
I pick up empty glasses, put them in the wash
Sometimes the glasses stick – force them apart
Sometimes the glasses break – then I get cut

Why do bandaids always come in natural colours
Why not Purple Passion or Green Polkadots

Why do bandaids always come in brown and pink
Why not Lemon Mango or Bermuda Blush
Ham and Salad Sango or an Orange Crush
Tropical Tango or a Royal Flush

Took a chunk out of my thumb one Tuesday night
The doctor said that it will be alright
He gave me antiseptic, one big bandaid
Said keep it clean but I ate some birthday cake

words & music:
D. Allen-Williams 1995

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