don’t know where i’m going
not sure where i am
just know where i was yesterday
and when i drift in this world without direction
these are not days of discontent

so you couldn’t say i’m lost
i have a destination
looking has not found it yet

don’t know what i search for
not sure what i own
just know what i had yesterday
remembering the time when money ruled me
i had it all but something was always missing

no you couldn’t say i’m broke
i’ve been materialistic but
price can not be placed on soul

don’t know what i should do
when people say i’m wrong
doesn’t help when i’d agree yesterday
sociability became my favourite game
but painted smiles seemed to hide – ill disguised pain

and you couldn’t say i’ve cracked
got a new perspective
leading me to better things

and when i think about it – maybe they’re right
but if i recognize them – i’ve lost the fight
must not give in to these voices inside my head
it might just work
lose my name to find myself

don’t know who i will be
not sure who i am
just know who i was yesterday
my prevailing trait was superficiality
pushing me one step towards a shallow grave

but you couldn’t say i’m dead
searching for some meaning
identity has not found me yet

words & music:
D. Allen-Williams 1995

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