The Halloween Crab

The Halloween crab emerges as it dawns a new day
A day much the same as any other, still the same crusty exterior
Maybe this would be the day to try remove the costume
Expose the inside and hope that the sun is warm

That silly old crab has broken his shell for you
What should you do, no hospital for this sort of wound
Can’t make him warm just yet – apply a soothing balm
He thanks you for your kindness, and then walks on

Horizon seems to bode well for what he has in mind
Bides his time, awaiting the moment the weather seems fine
Maybe he was too quick, too slow, shouldn’t have done it at all
Trick or treat he cries – not expecting something in between

The crab is sorry for being a bit of himself
But walking shell-less can lead to nothing else

Maybe another day the sun will be shining
And the crab can leave his shell behind
Maybe a different time

words & music:
D. Allen-Williams 1995

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