Month: January 1994

A Fall Through Normality

she’s sitting there all alone waiting for the call she hopes will never come cannot stand the tightrope tension causes wire’s song step lightly, softly – or it will all come down falling through this mindless unfounded grief hurt of something that she’s never had don’t cry for what will – might have been all wishes have their day veil… Read more →

Papa Smurf

Most people think he’s cold but they don’t know Confuse that shade of blue, say he’s yet to grow Got an unusual aspect – it’s really strange Laughs in the face of danger and feels no pain Papa Smurf can you sign my red hat I’m your number one fan, just you remember that Papa Smurf that colour suits I… Read more →


One more grain of sand goes on the pile One more step towards the endless mile Feel the millstone round my neck drag me to the ground Horizon never closer yet, what is it all for? This castle built around my soul must stand the test of time If I had the will I’d stand alone, apart from all mankind… Read more →

Man’s Best Friend

You used to follow me every inch of the way Now you only follow me with those sorrowed eyes of pain Used to be next to me every minute of the day Now you’ll find it’s me that’s sitting by your side You used to be so full of life Casual reassurance everything was alright Sure I’ve got other friends… Read more →