Man’s Best Friend

You used to follow me every inch of the way
Now you only follow me with those sorrowed eyes of pain
Used to be next to me every minute of the day
Now you’ll find it’s me that’s sitting by your side

You used to be so full of life
Casual reassurance everything was alright
Sure I’ve got other friends but attention is divided
It’s not the same
I’ll always be your friend for life

I may be an old fool, not quite understand
How something that small – a deadly cancer within
But there is the one thing that I can understand
You won’t be here much longer, shadow of loneliness expands

Remember vividly when you were laid to rest
Brown eyes looked up sadly, more in sympathy than pain
Put down the dog and you put down the man
Ever since that moment – part of me lies where you have lain

This old man played one, but fetching the stick became too hard
This old man played two, maybe the game has gone to far
This old man played one, now you rest in my back yard
Dig a dog a grave – this old tear comes rolling home

You used to be so full of life – you used to play with me
My companion everything will be alright
Now I have other friends, learnt to play a different game
But I’ll always be your friend for life

All I have are memories, the tinge of pain has faded
Read under the oak tree, reminisce once more
I miss you softly snoring – sandpaper tongue across my face
But the memories are hazy, time will heal most holes

words & music:
D. Allen-Williams 1994

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