From The Ashes…

small whisper of a distant wind
new beginning before i’ve even reached the end
scent the rumoured sight of a greener view
wall of hardened stone stifles a tuneless song

i know nothing of this world
i know nothing of what i need to be
i am a child before you

the siren’s call familiar place
safety of routine hard to lure myself away
segregated frozen vault of time
break the bubble let in the breath of air

too much to see for new eyes to be closed
so much to hear assaults the ears and the mind
test the water big toe first
need to sink before i learn to swim

your cathartic presence tears down the paper screen
burnt skin exposed to relentless sympathy
cleanse through fire newly born son
lead me to a haven i’m walking blind

fading picture of regret
i know it’s better but i can’t forget
i had a granule now a mountain is before me
but summit reached would take a lifetime to climb

words & music:
D. Allen-Williams 1993

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