Month: January 1997

Emergency Stop

The monotony this life A rail-road tunnel, concrete walls and fluorescent light If you aspire, manoeuvre through and find a seat by the window Emergency stop. The train conductor smiles And says “I’ll have your ticket please” “You’re just the same – pay your way like everybody else” Emergency stop. Looks like we’re in for the long haul now Pull… Read more →


Biting shiny apple found myself incurring pain Have to find a dentist fast before I go insane You’ve got the dentist’s drill so fire away Just watch me hit the sky “You don’t need a local, be a man try not to cry” But you drilled too hard you bastard; en guardé, prepare to die Struggling violently the dentist attempts… Read more →

The Hairy Song

I remember clearly when I was a young lad Something led me to believe I was a bit different Kid walked up to me with a casual greeting Tripped up on my hair, recommended his barber They call me Mister Hairy Man It’s obvious why I can understand They call me Mister Hairy Man The walking carpet man They often… Read more →