Biting shiny apple found myself incurring pain
Have to find a dentist fast before I go insane

You’ve got the dentist’s drill so fire away
Just watch me hit the sky

“You don’t need a local, be a man try not to cry”
But you drilled too hard you bastard; en guardé, prepare to die
Struggling violently the dentist attempts to escape
Should know that he’ll get nowhere, got him hanging by his grapes

I’m invincible so fire away, just watch me hit my stride
This wall’s impregnable so fire away, I’m not coming out alive

Cry for assistance, request for backup is denied
He forced me here at drill-point, push me more his sex-life dies

I’m under siege here, last warning I’ll fire back at you
Siege mentality… desperation deals my hand

I’ve found the nitrous oxide, turn the valve and start to breathe
Feel the world receding, everything is so unreal
Now that I am floating, breath expulsion with a sigh
Unconsciousness takes me under, and my hostage outside

words & music:
D. Allen-Williams 1997

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