One more grain of sand goes on the pile
One more step towards the endless mile
Feel the millstone round my neck drag me to the ground
Horizon never closer yet, what is it all for?

This castle built around my soul must stand the test of time
If I had the will I’d stand alone, apart from all mankind
Would not join the rat race – no end in sight
Blind mice see how they run

One more day crossed off in the diary
A few hundred more and it starts again
See the millstone that you bear keeping you aground
Vice of man has got your neck, what is it all for?

And I seem to hear their souls
Yearn for something more
Try not to swim against the flow
Unless drowning is your goal

One more forgotten ending – prolonged goodbye
Once more the pattern’s turned, a full circle tied

But I can’t reverse the tide
Shut out the noiseless sound
Of people getting rolled
By the millstone of society

Where to hide, run from the fear inside
One last door I haven’t tried, want to leave it all behind

words & music:
D. Allen-Williams 1994

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