Papa Smurf

Most people think he’s cold but they don’t know
Confuse that shade of blue, say he’s yet to grow
Got an unusual aspect – it’s really strange
Laughs in the face of danger and feels no pain

Papa Smurf can you sign my red hat
I’m your number one fan, just you remember that
Papa Smurf that colour suits I love your shade of blue
Favourite with all of us – Papa Smurf we love you

Most people think that being small and blue
Could be a detriment – well I’m telling you
Papa Smurf is an all round sports star, good at squash
Pool shark – his balls never gather moss

When the music changes tune, danger always lurks nearby
But you can depend on one, lack of height belies his might

Papa Smurf has chased away the monsters
Now it’s safe to come out
While he’s here you need not be afraid
Have you got a blue pen …

But the cost of leadership is often great
Dancing and nightclubs are things he hates
Has to keep respect with a clean cut image
Never drinks alcohol – but will eat spinach

words & music:
D. Allen-Williams 1994

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