sometimes it seems too hard
i’m breaking bricks but my forehead’s getting scarred
is it all for nothing? have i done it wrong?

sometimes you feel so warm
but then you’re distant am i looking at the norm?
i don’t know if i’m strong enough

let me fall into you like you’ve fallen into me
there’s an endless ocean
but you’re the only fish that i can see
look inside – there’s a place reserved for you
i got you

i know this cuts both ways
try to help but i don’t know what to say
i’m there for you when you need a shoulder

you’re the flame inside me
warm when i think of you
i’ll build a house around you
shelter from your darkest nights

if you pour your heart out
i’ll savour every drop
i’m your rock
trust me, i’ll see you through

knowing what to do is often hard
but i’ll never rue the day
i met you
fell in love.

words & music:
D. Allen-Williams 1998

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