Ode to My Refrigerator

We used to be so good together
Had a relationship that would last forever
I supplied the power, you gave me cool drinks
But now it’s going down the tube

I remember the days when I loved to use you
You were frigid and cold, you’re getting warmer
It was those hot summer nights you showed your value
But now your broke and I don’t want you in my house

My throat was parched when I first noticed
The fluid from you would not quench my thirst
I asked for ice, you gave me water
You’re not the same as you used to be

Used to be cold but you’re getting warmer
I do not like it when my butter’s melted
Tried to resist but it’s just gone too far
Found someone else to supply my needs

I banished you to a dusty storeroom
Out of sight and out of mind
The new fridge has a crushed ice dispenser
Larger capacity, ergonomic design

words & music:
D. Allen-Williams 1996

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