My New Shoes

Autumn leaves will fall and drift away
Leave behind their place of youth
Lonely tree is left with bark of grey
Hibernating life in truth

We see this world through a mono-focal lens
Locked in the same tired old routine
Why not this time look through the arched window
Maybe we’ll find my new shoes

Autumn leaf is swept by gusting wind
Flexes his stem and then takes off
Find a slipstream to be carried in
Finger of air holds him aloft

The leaf is tired and decides to descend
Looks for a place of landing soft
A heifer to her bed of grass does tend
Onto her nose the leaf will waft

The hunter though poaching not his usual bent
Must feed his wife and child
The rifle cracks to see the heifer dead
The leather will keep them for a while

words & music:
D. Allen-Williams 1996

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