hindsight shows to me
the most sobering scene
when you still can’t work it out
… the pain come self-esteem

and now you’ve lost it all – escaped
what you’re looking for to fill the void
will not be found by looking down
at the footsteps that you’ve made

small comfort says to me
“it’s really not your fault”
terror peace of my sanity

… hold out
… hold on

i’ve looked inside
my head to find the sunlit path – not take
weeds grow where i tread
and on the rocky side misapprehend your stake
you saw me. sold me. cold… in the barren
tore me. sorry… now
the damage has been


what you said and walked away from this
there was a day when i’d have given up
for one more dance
now i’m done with what you said
and i’ll walk away with what is left
[i gave my all]
my eyes were closed, you left a hole
now i’m done

futility ask of me
pretend there’s nothing there
but habit forced on

… too hard
… too long

words & music:
D. Allen-Williams 1999

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