SMS me your TLC
get my URL from an FTP
use your GSM and DVD
if you have the time
RSI my ears with MTV
fill CD-R’s with your MP3
high BPM or RNB
shorten to the sublime

turn on CNN from the USA
see new POV on JFK
was it the KKK or CIA?
it’s easy not to see
more MDK on the BBC
call ITC about ITV
an OBE for your MEP?
now what on earth is he?

acronyms spinning round my head
can’t we just spell it out instead?
i could use dictionary
but still not know what you said

get a B.Ed from the LSE
or take a Ph.D at MIT
LLB’S a mystery
that comes as no surprise
SDI asks for MAD
from the FSU or PRC
this REM’s like EST
i’ve got to close my eyes


words:  J. Bryant 2001
music:  D. Allen-Williams (DADGBE)

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