an angel dressed in white stands with poise, smile a tender light the murmurs start to grow she’s fairly skipping down the aisle in joyous flight and her heart won’t slow there stands her shining knight turns his head, awestruck by the sight seeds of love were sown they’ve been waiting for this day their whole lives and now they… Read more →

Trip Out

pusher calls up through a squawk box… tells me he’s got me lined up for the trip tank i’ve him to thank. Kelly’s down but 3 joints later, 90 feet high like four weeks away from home watch fluid level drop lose too much but I’ll get by isolated yet not alone call you; before the trip tank overflows don’t… Read more →


SMS me your TLC get my URL from an FTP use your GSM and DVD if you have the time RSI my ears with MTV fill CD-R’s with your MP3 high BPM or RNB shorten to the sublime turn on CNN from the USA see new POV on JFK was it the KKK or CIA? it’s easy not to see… Read more →

The Undercover Pickle Bean

a day in the life of quadruple-o-six   the undercover pickle bean arrived at the scene of a heinous crime   in his customary suit of green the officer in charge had the fairy bread impounded   he turned to bean with a frown “that conniving fly has been at it again,   you can see some of the freckles… Read more →

A Mortal Hymn

she’s a haunted girl but haunted in a way that makes her feel at home walks a trodden path, worn with care and age she’s got a ghost beside her – spirit of the world she’s got the ghost around her like the shell surrounds a pearl the vaunted walls are vaunted in a way that makes her feel at… Read more →


She used to be a school girl Worked her butt off and did pretty darn well Doesn’t know the meaning of “slacking off” But when she parties – she’s bound to get quite sloshed She’s a hockey playing girl Quite short – maybe you’ve noticed Finds it tough to change light bulbs and things But it doesn’t stop her kicking… Read more →


hindsight shows to me the most sobering scene when you still can’t work it out … the pain come self-esteem and now you’ve lost it all – escaped what you’re looking for to fill the void will not be found by looking down at the footsteps that you’ve made small comfort says to me “it’s really not your fault” terror… Read more →